Marble Colours – How do you decide?


12 Oct Marble Colours – How do you decide?

Today’s post is about highlighting the beauty of natural stone and all the colours it is available in.  However with variety, comes choice and making the right choice for your home is an enjoyable and sometimes daunting task.

Flooring needs to match the walls and the walls need to compliment the benchtop but the benchtop needs to match the furniture – it’s very tricky!


Our number one tip today is choose the major items first and the rest will fit into place.

But what does that mean?

It means that you can always repaint a wall – that’s comparatively cheap but replacing tiles and furniture can be a bit more expensive.  Beautiful marble tiles and a natural stone benchtop can completely revamp and stylise a room so let’s start getting into your colour choices.

Colour is an amazingly powerful ‘tool’.  You can harness it to bring a sense of warmth and comfort to your home or openness and space depending on what colours you choose.

As a general rule of thumb – cool colours such as blues and greens will make a room feel bigger and formal whereas warm colours such as reds, browns, yellows bring about a sense of warmth.  For most rooms, and we’ll focus on the kitchen in our example, start by choosing the colour of stone that you are in love with.  Like we said above, it’s best to focus on the main features first and then fit the rest around it.  By choosing a stone first that you love, it will frame the rest of the kitchen and you will be completely satisfied with the outcome rather than just sticking on a benchtop that fits after the kitchen is built.

Marble colours are wide and varied – have a look at our image below of just a sample of all the marble colours that are available.


Our grid above moves from light to dark and in typically most of our customers will use what is knows as a monochromatic approach to colour schemes – that is, if they have dark cabinetry then they use a light/white marble benchtop to provide contrast and vice versa – if they have light cabinetry, then they might use something darker.  There is also real beauty in being more creative with colour schemes such as combining dark wooden cabinets with a a dark grey marble.  Have a look at some examples below of colour combinations.

Stone Benchtops Perth and Tiling

Dark Benchtops – Dark Flooring – Warmth

Granite Benchtops Perth

Light Marble – Light Cabinetry – Darker Flooring – Light and Spacious

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