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Once only the domain of exclusive hotel foyers, the luxury of marble tiles are now within the reach of increasing numbers of discerning home owners.


Whether it’s the beautiful natural variations or sheer elegance you are after, marble tiles are sure to provide a stunning and distinctive finish to your home, property or development.


Distinctive and unique, marble tiles are both high-grade and enduring; creating a look that will never go out of style. As one of the oldest building materials, stone adds value to your home that won’t depreciate giving you a guaranteed return on your investment.


In addition to the sleek sophistication and elegance of marble tiles, we also supply and install a variety of other stone tiles including; Travertine, Limestone, Granite, and Porcelain.


We offer a ‘complete package’, working with you from design right through to supply and installation. Plus, we’ll source and supply the latest and most innovative stone tiles for your project.

What is marble exactly?

Marble is a natural rock that is created when limestone is placed under immense heat and pressure.  Marble occurs in large deposits that can be hundreds of feet thick and geographically extensive.

Do I need to seal my marble tiles?

Yes.  Marble is a porous material which means it typically isn’t a close friend of red wine and orange juice which can cause unwanted stains.  By sealing marble, it ensures that any spilt liquids or materials will sit on the surface of your stone rather than seeping in and causing damage.  Before sealing your marble, please get in contact to ensure you have selected the appropriate marble.

Are marble tiles difficult to keep clean?

As with all parts of your home, you should make a regular effort to remove all unwanted dirt, dust, grit and grime that has made it’s way on your marble tiles.  Hard and gritty substances like stand can cause small scratches on your marble so it’s a good idea to clean regularly with a soft broom or damp mop.

As mentioned above, by sealing your marble tiles, you’ll remove most of the stress than comes with spills and leaks but it is always best practice to remove anything from your marble as quickly as possible.

What are the different colour patterns?

Marble has a distinctive look because of the veins that run through it.  Veins are caused by immense pressure and a number of different minerals that are trapped in the marble over millions of years.  The swirling patters are what separates marble from other materials.

Are marble tiles durable?

Marble has been used since the ancient romans first discovered the many uses of marble in construction so in certainly has stood the test of time.  On a day to day basis, as long as the marble is sealed and cleaned regularly, it will last for years and look brilliant each and and every day.

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