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Natural benchtops

Marble & Granite Benchtops

If you’re after a high-class finish to set your home apart, look no further than natural granite benchtops. Beyond Stone boasts the leading range of stone benchtops Perth has to offer.


Granite bench tops are known for their extremely durable and scratch, heat and chip resistant properties, and will give any home a true sense of grandeur that only comes from natural stone.


No matter the size, shape or colour you’re looking for, Beyond Stone will source and supply the highest quality stone to suit your individual taste and style. From design, right through to installation, transform the look and feel of your home with beautifully crafted granite bench tops.


We are a supplier of natural stone slabs and if we do not have the stone you are looking for, we can source it from one of our stone suppliers below

Engineered Stone Top

Engineered Stone Benchtops

Beyond Stone offers a leading range of engineered stone benchtops to complement any space. Engineered stone benchtops are made from naturally forming quartz, a strong mineral offering a high-quality finish.


Other than their elegant look, engineered stone benchtops also offer functional benefits including being scratch resistant, non-porous and waterproof.


A beautifully crafted bench top from Beyond Stone will give your home or commercial space and impressive point of difference. Contact us for a free consultation to discuss your project.

View a selection of our engineered stone suppliers below

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Choosing your benchtop

Choosing your benchtop is no easy task but with our 5 step guide, you’ll be on your way to having a show-stopping benchtop in your home.

Choose your stone

Engineered Stone

Engineered stone is a ‘relatively’ new product on the market but essentially they are ~92% crushed quartz aggregate mixed in with a polyester resin.  This compound creates a much stronger product that natural stone and is also budget-friendly compared to some natural stones.

Some of the most well known engineered stone brands known in Perth are Essastone, Caesarstone and Smartstone. A big benefit that often goes undiscussed is due to it being a man-made product, quartz or engineered benchtops can have uniform appearance throughout slabs — unlike marbles and granites. If you are someone who does not want any of the imperfections or blemishes that can come as a result of using a natural product, then an engineered top could be your answer. Particularly useful when doing large kitchens that will need joins, or if you are after book matching, vein matching or waterfall ends, the manufactured consistently of engineered stone is a big plus.


Granite is a hugely popular material for bench tops due to its non porous and chemical resistant properties. Granite has a large range of colours which can add contrast and beauty to your kitchen.

As granite is a natural stone, it is important to maintain it – regular sealing is highly recommended to keep it looking pristine.


Marble is the opulent and luxurious choice for any stone benchtop.  Marble’s beauty is actually in its imperfection as there is no uniformity – each marble piece will never be exactly alike and we love that.  The veins and patterns in each marble block bring character to your kitchen (or bathroom) in a dramatic fashion that can’t be achieved with an engineered stone or granite.

Choose your colour

We can provide you with our expert guidance on choosing the right colour for your home but ultimately, this is your home and you can choose one of many, many different colours for your benchtop.  We have samples for all our stone which we can provide you to take home.  Have a look below at some different colour samples we offer.

Choose your edge profile

edge profiles

Choose how your sink will be mounted

Inset Sink

semi recessed

Semi Recessed

top mount

Top Mounted


Undermount Sink

butler sink

Butler Sink

Choose the length of your benchtop

Whilst the length of the benchtop is generally decided by your existing cabinetry, we like to mention to our clients that almost all benchtops over 3.2m, will have a join.  Joins can be cleverly hidden and imperceptible depending on the colour and stone choice.  It’s simply an important consideration when you’re building or renovating your home.

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