Terrazzo Tiles Perth

Terrazzo is a great tiling option for people who want to add a sense of modern luxury to their property.  It is an ideal choice for both commercial and residential properties.


Terrazzo tiles are known for their durability, and we seal the surfaces to make it more resistant to stain and water damage. They can be a great choice for interior & exterior applications, residential or commerce and more. One of the biggest advantages of terrazzo tiles is that they can be re-finished and polished to look new again.


Terrazzo tiles are made using chips of marble and granite that is set into concrete to create a natural looking and durable product. Our terrazzo tiles are available in a beautiful array of colours and versatile sizes.


At Beyond Stone we offer a ‘complete package’, working with you from design right through to supply and installation. Plus, we’ll source and supply the latest and most innovative tiles for your project.


If terrazzo is not for you, then head to our travertine tiles page to explore a different type of tile.

What exactly is terrazzo?

Terrazzo is a composite material which is poured directly in place or “pre-cast”, and usually used on floors or walls. It is typically made up of chips of marble, quartz, granite and glass and combined with a binding agent like a type of cement and/or polymers.


Is there much work involved in maintaining my terrazzo tiles?

It is advised to regularly clean terrazzo floors using a neutral pH cleaner diluted according to the manufacturer’s instructions.




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