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Are you in the process of renovating or building the outside of your home and considering using travertine pavers?  With the abundance of choice in choosing what kind of pavers you’ll use, we are confident that once you see the beauty of our travertine pavers, you’ll be convinced.


Read on to learn more about travertine  or click the link if you’re looking for travertine tiles instead


What is travertine?
Essentially, travertine is a limestone (or calcium carbonate) material that can be found around naturally occurring hot springs, generally in layers. It looks very similar to other natural stones such as marble but it is a completely different stone altogether.
Are travertine pavers popular?

Yes! Travertine pavers are extremely popular because of their versatility.  They can have a polished, matte, tumbled and brushed finish which looks absolutely stunning.  Because of this versatility, they are a fantastic alternative to marble as you’ll get the ‘look’ but for cheaper than marble.

Will my pavers last or will I need to replace them?

Travertine pavers can also last for over one hundred years so there should be no question about longevity.  The same goes for our range of natural stone pavers.

It is a naturally occurring, durable material that has stood the test of time.  No chemical are used in the manufacture of travertine pavers and it is sure to give your home a natural yet polished look.




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