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23 Jan 5 Drool-Worthy Bathrooms

To see is to believe!  Have a look through the following 5 bathrooms from around the world to give you the inspiration you need for your bathroom renovation project.

  1. Grey Stone is underutilised in homes.  When used correctly, it is absolutely gorgeous. Bath 1

  3. This bathroom cleverly uses a platform which gives the perception of floating and more space.  Contrast between the dark walls and white marble screams style.  Bath 2

  5. White, light, airy is what this Is all about.  But rather than using plain white tiles, the natural grain of stone adds character and personality to this room. Bath 3

  7. Wood and stone never gets old.  This would have looked great 10 years ago and still looks fantastic. Bath 4

  9. Dark and natural.  Perfect for a home out of the city (Hey, It’s perfect for a home in the city too!).  Feels like something that was crafted by hand for the perfect individual. Bath 5
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